NeNe Leakes Gets a Striptease On Ellen

Ellen surprised NeNe Leakes with an impromptu on-air bachelorette party complete with some boxer-brief-wearing strippers. It's a pretty special moment. [via Ellen]

Ryan Bates was also named "Most Thoughtful Member of the Class of 2004." [via Pleated Jeans]

Pucker up! [via Rrrick]

So, so, soothing. [via Coin Farts]

Here's the 'Lebowski High School Yearbook.' [via Vulture]

Guinea pig with a perm is filling in for Robert Plant tonight. [via Bunny Food]

Flavorwire has a neat little round-up of 20 business cards belonging to famous people.

Kanye was seen out and about at Paris Fashion Week wearing this red mask. Because of course he was. [via Buzzfeed]

Baby sloth with a stuffed giraffe! [via Reddit]

Try not to have a seizure looking at this -- then you'll really be fucked. [via Coin Farts]

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