Nationalized Twinkies + Donkey Politicians = Eight Items or Less

1. When memes collide (see here and here): petition to nationalize the Twinkie. [via Felix Salmon]

2. Check out one writer's attempt to source every ingredient in a Twinkie. [Twinkie, Deconstructed]

3. How much does "nothing" cost? MoMA acquires John Cage's original score for "4'33"." [NYTimes, second item]
4. Sunshine Cinemas is donating profits from this weekend's midnight showings (The Miami Connection and Hackers) to New York Cares. [via Bowery Boogie]

5. "Apple Now Owns the Page Turn." [NYTimes; image from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office]

6. "Marijuana-Dispenser Stock Gets Too High." [Marketwatch]

7. A donkey was barred from the legislature of Guayaquil, Ecuador. [Fox, photo by Victoria Reay on Flickr]

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