Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XVIII On DVD!

Out now on DVD is the exhaustingly funny Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume XVIII , featuring more  wisecracks from the crew of Deep 13, stranded in space and forced to watch crappy movies. This wonderful set includes two with host Joel Hodgson and two with Mike Nelson but the back-talking robots Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo remain. The movies include Lost Continent, a lousy 1951 flick about a rescue team's hunt for a fallen rocket on a mysterious plateau. It features Cesar Romero and Leave It To Beaver's dad Hugh Beaumont as well as nightmarishly long scenes of "rock climbing". Crash Of The Moons is a lame TV space saga with Rocky Jones and his sidekick Winky trying to stop the evil queen of a planet from destroying an inhabited moon. The Beast Of Yucca Flats is the gem of the set -- a riotous 1961 film directed by Colman Francis and starring larger than life Tor Johnson (Bride Of The Monster) as a Russian scientist who is transformed into a monster after being exposed to a nuclear blast. The bizarre voice-overs of the movie while Johnson trundles over the desert are hilarious on their own, but the comic jibes are golden. Jack Frost is a weird 1964 Russian/Finnish fairy tale with snow kings and wandering children and witches in flying houses. Perfect fodder for the bots' dizzying banter. 

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