Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XVI On DVD!

Out this week on DVD is Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XVI, a glorious four-DVD box set (with a Tom Servo figurine included) featuring hilarious episodes of the space-stranded Joel, Mike and robot pals wisecracking through an endless series of bad movies. This set is just one of the all-time best, and includes "The Corpse Vanishes" with Bela Lugosi killing brides at their wedding ceremony and later stealing their bodies; "Warrior Of The Lost World," a crappy sci-fi apocalyptic tale with with a motorcycle-riding warrior fighting an evil empire; "Santa Claus," a goofy Mexican-made kid's movie with Santa battling Satan for children's souls, which has some of their funniest ad-libs; and my favorite, "Night Of The Blood Beast," a Z-grade sci-fi movie from the 1950s about an astronaut actually impregnated by an alien. "I can feel it kick" the bots wisecrack. The set also has a hilarious opening short Once Upon A Honeymoon, directed by Gower Champion that was sponsored by a telephone company and had me falling off the couch with laughter. This set makes a perfect Christmas gift.

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