So tonight is the big Murakami gala opening at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. The show has come here from MOCA. and as in L.A., Louis Vuitton is sponsoring the gala and a "shop." But the most amazing Louis Vuitton idea that Murakami had I read about in WWD this morning. It seems as though the artist is collaborating with LV on an art+commerce piece that is a commentary on FAKES, which as we know, is a huge issue for luxe brands like Vuitton. As part of the exhibit, Murakami and LV will be placing eight "pocketbook" street vendors on the street in front of the museum selling REAL Vuitton bags that were specially designed by Murakami and LV for this particular piece. Of course I am gagging about this and am plotting to go there and get one of these. Isnt that the coolest? Plus HOW AMAZING AND ENLIGHTENED is it that the Vuitton execs agreed to go along with Murakami's preposterous idea of doing this? Ya gotta hand it to them.