Mullet Dance Man Shows Off His Moves in Das Racist's "Girl"

Thanks to Das Racist's new video "Girl," we've possibly met our new favorite music video hero: Mullet Dance Man (played by comedian Fahim Anwar). Sporting a look that is alternately Billy Ray Cyrus and Michael Jackson c. "Black or White," this acid-washed Fred Astaire in the making spots a girl he has a crush on and proceeds to follow her around town -- to the library, to a yoga class and to a plaza fountain -- and kind of endearingly/kind of creepily show off his moves behind her. Later, for reasons unknown, he fights some thugs (maybe the head thug is the girl's ex?) but doesn't let that encounter distract him from his original mission. At home with a new tactic, he woos her the only way someone brought up in the digital age knows how -- but we won't spoil the ending.

"Girl" appears on Relax, out now.

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