Mrs. Marc Jacobs + Doutzen Kroes Is a Mom in Today's Style Scraps

Jenny Gumbert
Marc Jacobs's Industrie spread featuring the designer in drag is now out in full and confirms my suspicion that a lady version of Jacobs looks a whole lot like a normal version of Devendra Banhart. (Fashionologie)

A magical blind item from this morning's Page Six: "Which eccentric fashion designer carries tampons to be in touch with his feminine side while he designs women's clothes?..." [Page Six]

Knitta Please continues their streak of adorning inanimate objects in knitwear. If you like their stuff, check out crochet artist Olek!  (Gothamist

New York cab drivers have gone from barely having a dress code to now meet the vague requirement of "maintaining a professional appearance." Thank god the rule that they can't wear "underwear as outerwear" still applies. (Gawker

Congrats to model Doutzen Kroes on the birth of her baby boy! (Styleite

Mark Holgate says that Proenza Schouler is about to sign a deal with Andrew Rosen, Theory CEO and Rag & Bone investor. (Fashionista)

Here's a video of models posing with 200,000 ladybugs for a Vice shoot and it's a little freaky. Apparently being covered in ladybugs isn't as adorable as it sounds. (Refinery 29)

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