Mr. Mickey's Fitness Diary: "There Have Been Some Moments of Despair"

by Mickey Boardman

Paper's editorial director Mickey Boardman is dedicating the next 100 days to getting in shape. Track his progress every Friday here in his weekly fitness diary. Join us below for his next entry, as he recounts eating a Payday on the toilet and going to SoulCycle in a blizzard.

Here we are on Week 3 of Mr. Mickey's fitness journey and let's just say that we've hit a few bumps. There have been moments of grandeur, like my trip to SoulCycle at 8 a.m. during a blizzard. There have been some moments of despair, like me eating a Payday candy bar on the toilet. What is it about eating in the bathroom that is particularly irresistible yet shameful? Get my therapist on the phone!

SoulCycle was fabulous. I go with my friend and co-worker Jamie, so I really feel like I need to show up. Plus even though it wrecks me I do feel a great sense of accomplishment once I'm done. This week we did a class with a hunky teacher named Ben T. at the 19th St studio. Even though I don't wear my glasses during class,  I can still distinguish shapes and Ben T's shape was HOT. Dark, handsome, hairy, fit. Get Mr. Mickey the smelling salts!

Ben seemed to be training another instructor during the class so she rode the bike while Ben walked around shouting inspirational chants and demonstrating the moves. This was super helpful because even though I'm a veteran of about 7 SoulCycle sessions, I still don't feel 100 % capable of all the moves. Ben also did a little bit of sexy straight-man dancing, which I found particularly inspiring because I know there's a Ben T. inside of me waiting to get out. (Except, of course, that I'm a fabulous gay dancer.)

Since it was a blizzard that day half the people didn't show up (which is unusual since most classes are sold out!) so I really felt like I was a hard ass for getting there and getting the job done.

Later in the week we rode with Emily, my favorite teacher who does the 1980s class. She always has the best music for me even when it's not the '80s class. Emily asked for a show of hands of any first timers and since there weren't any she said she was going to really work us hard. And did she ever. I was sweating like a pig throughout but, hey, that's what I'm there for. Despite the bumps of the week (Hello Payday on the toiler) I did feel like I'm getting in touch with my inner athlete. We all have one. We think because we're gay or fat or housewives or old or have arthritis in our big toes (yes, I do) that we aren't athletes, but really we all have a beast within. It just needs to be unleashed.

 As for food, this past week was New York Fashion Week which is one of the craziest times of year for style addicts like me. You're running around all day and night and usually don't get a chance to make healthy food choices. I did eat several greek yogurts which are my new favorite thing because if you get the kind with the gooey fruit in it they actually taste like pudding. And which food addict doesn't love pudding?

I wasn't able to make it to Weight Watchers this week because it was the same time as the Lacoste show, so I can't tell you how much I currently weigh. But next week we'll have a numerical update. And since I'm off to London tonight for their fashion week let's hope I can get some healthy food options together instead of just having Cokes and crisps from the Mayfair Hotel mini-bar. Oh kids this is a journey, but there are lots of detours and many potholes!

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