Mr. Mickey's Dinner with Mr. Alaia

Paris Fashion Week is always filled with thrills but the number one sensation for MM was definitely dinner with the legend Mr. Azzedine Alaia. Any woman who appreciates looking ultra-stylish and sexy lives for Alaia and MM was nervous as a bride as he rolled up to Mr. Alaia's place in the Marais. Well Mr. Alaia is a pussycat and regaled us with hilarious stories all night. Stories of his start in fashion, his supermodel friends like Veronica Webb and Stephanie Seymour and movie stars like Faye Dunaway. Mr. Alaia is animal lover and we chatted about his pets including his nine-month-old St .Bernard who was the biggest dog MM has ever seen. Mr. Alaia said he, the St. Bernard along with four cats all sleep together in a pile! Talk about lots of opportunities for cuddling! An amazing night and an outrageous way to finish of Paris Fashion Week!!!!

Photo by Josh Goldman

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