Mr. Mickey Goes to India!

Blogaholics, please excuse Mr. Mickey's prolonged silence, but MM was in gorgeous India for a few weeks of glamorous vacation. Okay, so the Mumbai terrorist thing wasn't so glamorous, but Mr. Mickey was in the North and not in his beloved Bombay! MM does hope to go back to Mumbai in April to show support for the city -- India needs our love! Anyhoo, here are some shots by MM's friend Nicola Blaha of MM in engaged in various hijinks on the subcontinent. Ever the animal lover Mr. Mickey was petting the cow when it started getting wild with the horns, so MM beat a hasty retreat. Please don't tell the customs department that MM was fondling livestock as they frown upon that kind of activity. MM's favorite is the shot of yours truly and Nicola playing elephant polo outside Jaipur (Nicola's mom Claudia took that shot). If you look closely you can even see the ball in the air!! Another shot features Mr. Mickey at his first ever yoga class at the Rambagh Palace -- yes first yoga EVER. MM thought if you're in India you can't NOT try yoga. Also MM is wearing a bindi at the gorgeous Lake Palace in Udaipur with MM's Dad Dave and Tarrytown's own Miss Cindy Beesmer. The little girls are on a field trip to a Hare Krishna temple in Delhi. MM will be posting more shots in the days to come so tune in!!!

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