Movie & TV Characters React to Game of Thrones' "Purple Wedding"

by Elizabeth Thompson

Watch your favorite movie and TV characters react to Game of Thrones' totally satisfying Purple Wedding episode. Warning: Spoilers ahead. [WorldWideInterweb]

Favorite New Tumblr Alert: "Time Is a Flat Circus," the Family Circus-meets-True detective mashup you didn't know you wanted. [AVClub]

Don-O-Mite: If Mad Men was a Blaxploitation movie, via real-life ad agency Leroy + Clarkson. Sugar Hills Holloway 4-ever. [Slate]

Billy Eichner dressed up as an easter bunny and quizzed New Yorkers about the 10th anniversary of Passion of the Christ. [Uproxx]

Shit, Amelia. [Mlkshk]

Aaron Paul photobomb! [Popculturebrain]

This dog just thinks that birthdays grow on TREES. [TastefullyOffensive]

O, really? Jon Hamm is back on Sesame Street to teach us about the letter O.

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