Moss in L.A. Countdown!

So the design guru Murray Moss will finally open his doors next Thursday night on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles with a big bash. It all should be very glamourous (depending on which movie stars are in town). His huge amazing shop in L.A. won't be a duplication of his Greene Street shop in New York City, but will instead sell his larger designer pieces. At the start, he won't be selling the bread and butter design items he's famous for, so Los Angelinos will still have to wait for all that fun stuff. This L.A. shop (which is only his second) will be much more like a gallery with shows and large one-of-a-kind pieces by designers like Studio Job, Martin Baas and The Brazilian Compana Brothers for sale. Ya know, like those designer chairs that sell like hotcakes for 200k. (Moss, 8444 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90069.)

On another front, Moss is also busy working on editing an entire issue of House and Garden (I think it's for February but I'm not sure) which he is taking quite seriously... If Moss can edit a magazine as brilliantly as he can edit his shop (and supposedly they've given him total control -- ha ha) House and Garden will be LUCKY because this issue will be a sellout and a huge collectors item.

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