Morning Funnies: Will Ferrell Is So Upset About Kristen Stewart Cheating + Ryan Lochte's Mom Tells It Like It Is

</div> <br/>A super-cut of<b> Louis C.K.</b> apologizing for various things on both seasons of<i> Louie</i>. Rub antiperspirant on your palms before watching. [<a href="">FYeahDementia</a>]<br/><br/> <b>Ike Lochte</b>,<b> </b>Olympic swimmer/gold medalist<b> Ryan Lochte</b>'s mom, went on the <i>Today</i> show Wednesday to confirm that her son is indeed the <a href="">irresistible douche</a> we're all ashamed to be totally in love with. Asked if Ryan has a personal life outside of training, Ike said, "<b>He goes out on one-night stands</b>. He's not able to give fully to a relationship because he's always on the go." Jeah! [<a href="">Dlisted</a>; <a href="">Jezebel</a>]<br/><br/> <div style="text-align: center;"> </div> <br/>Oh no! Four seconds of a baby wombat running. [<a href="">Jezebel</a>]<br/><br/>Sleep tight. [<a href="">DorseyShawExperience</a>] <br/><br/>Love that <b>Kadeem Hardison</b> wore his flip-up glasses off-camera on the <i>A Different World</i> set. Give us that sweater,<b> Lisa Bonet</b>. [<a href="">NickleCobalt</a>]<br/><br/>An ode to <b>Jo-Go Lev</b>'s funny frowny face. [<a href="">FYeahDementia</a>]<br/><br/>Keanus gone wild! [<a href="">PleatedJeans</a>]<br/><br/>Got 8 friends? You know what to do. [<a href="">ThatsNerdalicious</a>]<br/><div><br/></div><div><br/></div><div><br/></div><div><br/></div><div><br/></div><div><br/></div><div><br/></div><div><br/></div>

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