Morning Funnies: Valentine's Day Edition

by Elizabeth Thompson

The truth about being single. [TastefullyOffensive]

This Valentine's Day, go f*ck yourself. [Jezebel]

What does it mean that this would be enough for us on Valentine's Day? [Mlkshk]

Wink. [UpAllOneMidnight]

(It's his!) [UpAllOneMidnight]

Pornhub Comments on Valentines = genius.

For the haters. [EvenInHisYouth]

Simple. Elegant. [MuscularPickle]

Romantic. [Rebloggy]

A million times yes. [Luckhoek]

V Day 'Ye [Guyism]

You know you don't want it. [Pinterest]

Dream Valentine. [SavedBySouthernCharm]

And now, for those of you who aren't total stone-hearted Valentine's Day haters, our favorite tender proposal videos.

When in doubt, hire 300 people to dance to Hall & Oats with you in front of your girlfriend. [HuffingtonPost]

Or perform "99 Luftballons" at the Frying Pan on the Hudson for your boyfriend, Harry. [Towleroad]

Or -- and this is our favorite flash mob proposal of all time -- propose in a Utah Home Depot.

Just kidding, THIS is our favorite flash mob proposal of all time. Whenever parents show up in these things it's an instant heart explosion. And this one gets all the gold stars because of its intrepretaion of Bruno Mars' "Marry You" "dancing juice" lyric as "dancing Jews."

Happy Valentine's Day, your lovers of loving love!

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