Morning Funnies: Tina Fey Hates Everyone, Joe Biden Will Make Out With Everyone

Extras from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's Golden Globes promos. Soexcitedforthis. [Vulture]

Joe Biden was in his element at the mock Senate

swearing-in yesterday. As new and returning senators brought their family members to pose for photos with the V.P., Good Time Pappy Joe worked his zero-intimacy-issues magic on old women, old men, young women, young men and babies. No one was safe and everyone had their faces caressed. [Via Gawker and @MichaelHayes]

In case you missed it, a local station in Orange County had the most wondrously disastrous live New Year's Eve special featuring Jamie Kennedy, Shannon Elizabeth, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Macy Gray, who did *the* best countdown of all time. Gray's part starts at the 2:45 mark but you really need to watch the whole clip. OH MY GOD, THIS VIDEO. It's spectacular. [LAist via Dlisted]

Kansas City weekly The Pitch's ode to hometown HOTTIE Paul Rudd. [Via PenisPoilce]

Baguette koozie via The Jogging.

Mr. Bean and baby Christian Bale. [ThisIsNotPorn]

Drink this. [CoolDogs]

Oh honey, you shouldn't have. [CoinFarts]

Hat of your dreams. [Via Zeroing; Photo by Gilmar Smith]

Not to be too Ziggy, but TGIF. [Brogue]

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