Morning Funnies: The Taylor Swift-Harry Styles Break-Up Edition

So, so good. [via Im With Kanye]

"Hi tree, may I kiss you?" [via The Clearly Dope]

"My, little lady, you sure have impressive lung capacity!" [via Pizzza Time]

We forgot Robin Williams was a member of the Denver Broncos cheerleaders! [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

We don't know how to break the bad news so we're just going to say it: super-serious-clearly-altar-bound-so-in-love couple Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles broke up. [via Gawker]

Maybe we're the last ones to figure this out but we never knew how weird Courtney Cox is! She went on Ellen yesterday and talked about how she pees on grass pads on her condo balcony as a method to get her dogs to use them. The conversation starts at 6:00. [via Ellen TV]

Dog's ready for some cruisin'. [via Pizzza Time]

Is this a burger or Satan's decide. [via Coin Farts]

Found our new winter hat this season... [via F Yeah Dementia]

Here's a video in which Al Roker admits he pooped his pants one time in the White House -- WAIT, WHAT?!?! [TMZ via Uproxx]

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