Morning Funnies: Super Golden Friends + "Coy Photos of Fancy 80s Wrestlers"

May we present Super Golden Friends, an ingenious shot-by-shot parody mash-up of Super Friends and Golden Girls. Superman is sooo Blanche! [via Hyper Vocal]

We've all had moments where we've accidentally sent the wrong email to the right person or the right email to the wrong person but here's what happens when you accidentally send a picture of Nic Cage looking batshit crazy in place of your resume to a prospective employer. [via Uproxx]

The Shepard Fairey "Hope poster" pre-cursor. [via Fuck Yeah 1990s]

Before Adele woke a girl up from a coma, Justin Bieber's music made miracles happen. [via Paris Hilton Sex Slave]

We've literally had to resist the urge to do this 2,568 times. [via Bunny Food/Daily Frenchie]

Ah the good ole' "wig made from your real hair" prank. Classsic. [via Laughing Squid]

Don't read the following if you have a weak stomach: those are buffalo wing-flavored milkshakes. [Oddee via Marko Sun]

Bacon Elvis. [via Laughter Key]

Mmmwah! [via Rrrick]

If you like the PTSD Clarinet Boy meme and you also like a little moob cleavage then you'll love "Coy Photos of Fancy 80s Wrestlers." [Flavorwire via These Americans]

This is a card we can picture April Ludgate giving someone. [via The Dorsey Shaw Experience]

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