Morning Funnies: Super Bowl Edition + More!

by Elizabeth Thompson

Basically this is the face Peyton Manning made the entire night. Sad times. [Buzzfeed]

His bro Eli was just as sad. Your "Fuck this" reaction shot for 2014, right here folks. [@Jose3030]

Paul McCartney eating pizza during the game, giving no shizzes. #TeamZa. [Buzzfeed]

Former Paper cover boy Bruno Mars shut it the F down during halftime show. The splits! YSL head to toe! This is how it's done. [Beast17sa]

Oh, also this. Bruno Mars is quickly nearing National Treasure status. [Reddit]

BOOM. [Buzzfeed]

In other news, H&M's David Beckham Super Bowl commercial revealed that he has no body hair. Also, he is a magic sex person. [DailyMail]

That big Seinfeld reunion everyone was freaking about last week was really just for a dumb dumb commercial. Womp womp. Boo!

Did Homer Simpson not call this? [Reddit]

OMG, Joe Namath's TRADITIONAL FUR COAT. He looked like a Long Island nana embalmed in self-tanner and hairspray. Get it, gurl! [ABC]

Also, this. [Reddit]

Meanwhile, it was Seth Meyers' final SNL episode this weekend. Stefon, Amy Poehler and Andy Samberg showed up to bid him farewell and it was the best.

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