Morning Funnies: @SeinfeldToday + Snoop Moses

'Memba this? There's a 93% chance it tasted like sugared cardboard. [via Tall Whitney]

Oh shit. Why you gotta be such wallflowers, Luke and Han? [via The Clearly Dope]

Ick factor 1000 that iTunes actually sells this BUT if they were really savvy, they'd market it with Fifty Shades of Grey on tape and make it a package deal. [via Laughter Key]

Your latest fun and festive outfit for that family holiday portrait. [via I'm With Kanye]

Our new favorite Twitter account @SeinfeldToday, re-imagining Seinfeld plots if the show were on air in 2012. Our favorite so far is Jerry becoming "taxi famous." [via Hyper Vocal]

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts, Jumanji is getting a re-make. [via Uproxx]

The fact that Miley Cyrus cut her hair even shorter is the second or third observation you'd make about this photo says a lot. [via Buzzfeed]

"Sex Education class (1929)" [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

Lindsay Lohan apparently carries entire boxes of Pop Tarts in her purse, people. [via Pop Dust]

Here's a gingerbread man scaring the shit out of Fergie on Ellen. [via Ellen]

Watch Snoop Dogg play Moses in an epic rap battle against Santa. [via Buzzfeed]

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