Morning Funnies: Seal Animorphs + "Teach Me How to Brushy"

We went to Pitchfork last weekend and mentioned how we were captivated by a "flaxen-haired sound guy" banging out to Vampire Weekend and here he is captured on YouTube in a video appropriately titled, "Vibing Too Hard to Vampire Weekend." [via YouTube]

Here's a photo of President Obama having a laugh with NBA Rookie (and Dream Team member) Anthony Davis about his signature unibrow. [via Buzzfeed]

Turd Burglar. [via Clearly Dope]

Get it? (P.S. -- Are Animorphs still around?) [via Tall Whitney]

Check out this amazing mouth (attached to a face, we think) made entirely out of sand. [via This Is Colossal]

This has been around for a little while now but given that Choupette's in the picture, perhaps My Little Karl could be her new favorite plaything (or is it too gauche for her)? [via La Chanelphile]

"They had me in these tiny underwear things that held NOTHING in. So when I lift my leg there, that is everyone's real reaction. Look at Alison Brie's face. That's real!" -- Joel McHale [Laughter Key via Poorly Dressed Hipster]

"Bring it on, bitch." (Something tells us Ramona doesn't need the last "?") [via Paris Hilton Sex Slave]

"Teach Me How to Brushy" -- a new Oregon PSA for kids set to Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How to Dougie." Only in Portlandia, folks, where the kids are hipper than you are. [The Daily What via Gawker]

Wonder what they talked about! [via Rrrick]

"What playing cricket looks like to Americans." [via Buzzfeed]

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