Morning Funnies: Portlandia's "Spoiler Alert"

Ahead of Portlandia's third season premiere on Friday, here's a preview clip from the show entitled "Spoiler Alert." And, true to its name, there are lots of TV spoilers -- if you've just started watching The Wire, stop the video before 1:27. [via Gawker/USA Today]

Les Fiscal Misérables. [via Les Fiscal Miserables]

For only 30 buckeroos, you can treat yo self to this Parks & Rec food terms poster, available on Etsy. [via Vulture]

That's why he looks so familiar! [via F Yeah Dementia]

HYFR. [via Coin Farts]

Sigh. [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

Hey you. [via GIF Horse in the Mouth]

Here's a surprisingly insightful article about how social media is perceived by a 15-year-old. Our favorite quote from said 15-year-old? "Tumblr is mostly middle schoolers. Especially hipsters. They just reblog stuff." [via Buzzfeed]

Hanksy's latest: "Brick Moranis." [via Pop Culture Brain]

Please please please be from a real Archie comic. [via Laughter Key]

Follow that goat! [via Bunny Food]

This video of a baby going for a spin on a Roomba will help you forget it's not Friday yet. [via Laughing Squid]

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