Prince Harry went to Las Vegas with some friends, which lead to them picking up some girls, which, according to TMZ, lead to a classic game of "strip billiards" and these photos. Says the Queen. [DListed]

Oh jeez oh no no no: Nickelback's Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne are engaged. [People]

Our new favorite single-purpose Tumblr: Dogshaming. [FYeahDementia]

Behold, the horrifying allure of Little Face Mitt, a site dedicated to "Unsettling photos of Mitt Romney with a very tiny face." He'll eat your children.

Oregon Trail X "Call Me Maybe" = Perfect. [Slackatory]

Hey girl, it's feminist Barack Obama. [Nerve]

Easy livin'. [RatsOff]

Here's a sort of sweet video of a super-excited Tracy Morgan seeing the unveiling of a massive shark tank he had installed in his basement. We're gonna need a bigger tank! Watch to the end: 2:17 is the best part. [Vulture]

Need a light? [40 Licks via MyModernMet]

D.I.Y. Lacoste. [Reddit]

Typed in the key of butts. [CoinFarts]