Morning Funnies: Matthew Fox's Mitt Romney Biopic + 'F*ck! I'm In the Twenties'

Mitt Romney and President Obama got out their burn books and zinged the F out of each other last night at some annual dinner for fancy men. Just kidding, their jokes are pretty tame (and Romney's are actually kind of funny? Ahh!). [Gawker]

Speaking of Mitt, Matthew Fox debuted the trailer for a Mitt Romney Lifetime biopic on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. (It starts at 0:50.) He really does look like Mitt! [ABC via NYMag]

A postcard from F. Scott Fizgerald to himself. :( [Flavorwire]

Pool table. [ThisIsntHappiness]

This is the GIF of all GIFS. No need to keep using the Internet, feel free to turn it off now. [The Rumblr via Humortrain]

Otter ball! [Reddit]

The space bar is a magical tool. [FYeahDementia]

Someone has made a parody of the popular tumblr-turned-book, Fuck! I'm In My Twenties. It's called, Fuck! I'm In the Twenties and it's awesome. [Slackatory]

The perfect, perfect obit for Mad Libs creator Larry Sloan. [Reddit]
Pizzamid. [TheDorseyShawExperience]

Lookin' good, botany! [PizzzaTime]

Jesus is really nice and totally, totally our best friend, but don't you think He can be so annoying sometimes? [ParisHiltonSexSlave]

Here's Tony Hawk nervously interviewing Louie CK. It's painful to watch, mostly because it's exactly how we act in like 90% of all our interviews. [RatsOff]

Screams, on top of screams, on top of more screams. [MattStopera]

Hey Friday.

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