Morning Funnies: Hugh Bonneville's 'Free Bates' T-Shirt + Andrew WK's Pizza Guitar


Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville ripped open his shirt at the end of a recent Television Critics Association panel to reveal this amazing "Free Bates" shirt. [LaughterKey]

Watch a video of Jinx, the awesomely defiant pup who was like, "Not today, tricks" at a recent dog show. [Buzzfeed]

Never stop. [BadTVBlog]

A 100% accurate flowchart of why you're not getting anything done. [DogHouseDiaries via HuffPo]

Clean up on Aisle Gross. [DailyWhat via Buzzfeed]

Andrew WK has an amazing new pizza guitar. Here's a Pitchfork Weekly video of him shredding some tasty licks starting at at 1:35. "It was pizza, bitch!" [ThatsNerdalicious]

Think we just found the next Papermag book club read... [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

Ever wonder what you could with that old Furby lying around? You're welcome. [via Paris Hilton Sex Slave]

And that's it! [RatsOff, originally from Boogiewoogiebellevuenights]

Worlds Best ZMOMbie. [Reddit]

Slow news day. [via Tall Whitney]

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