Morning Funnies: Guy Fieri Takes Drake to Flavortown

Drake and Guy Fieri booked two tickets to Flavortown over the weekend and made what appears to be wings or meatballs or something. Where the F are your gloves, Guy? [Gawker]

Here's a video of two Shetland ponies getting married. Lil' Sebastian and Ladybug IRL? [Vulture]

Molten core of the Internet. [DailyWhat]

The time that Madonna thought she could cover "Santa Baby" while Eartha Kitt was still living. [PleatedJeans]

Would you rather eat a meat nativity scene


a holiday meat tree? [ClearlyDope; TheRumblr]

Track list for Taylor Swift's next album. [MajorTVJunkie]

Peanuts X Twin Peaks. [ThisIsntHappiness] [AwesomePeopleHangingOutTogether]

Grumpy cat was having none of her Today show appearance this weekend. [Reddit]

The walrus was dog. [Reddit]

Sometimes we try to really make our hair look nice and put a lot of time and effort into it and it still just looks like bottom right girl, no matter what. [SwingingSixites]

God, Marlon Brando was the coolest. [VintageGal]

This is part of an advertising campaign by NY fashion brand Nooka, but wouldn't it be so sweet if there were DeLorean taxis? NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission, you know what to do. [DailyDot]

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