Morning Funnies: Extreme Cougar Wives + Betty's White

Our apologies for opening Morning Funnies on such a dark note, but here's a hot new look at TLC's totally real, definitely not-staged, just completely creepy reality show, Extreme Cougar Wives. Papermag premiere party? We will supply the snacks and 11th story window to throw the television out of mid-episode. [ONTD]

Ramona Singer, you better run for the effing hills. There's a new bitch in town. [HuffPoTV]]

Still-being-workshopped airplane banner. [

The weirdest, weirdest car commercial ever starring Grace Jones. [FYouNoFMe]
Behind the scenes of Beetlejuice. [BobbyFinger]

It's a SWAGina. [ParisHiltonSexSlave]

O.G. Avengers. How hot is Emma Peel? [Megret]

They see us rollin, they hatin'. [Coinfarts]

Yuck, it's true. [KimJongChill]

Whoever drew this wins the trophy for Excellence in Textbook Doodling. Kids these days are doing just fine. [Roboshark]

Barack Obama and Joe Biden, age 10. [OldFilmsFlickr]

You nasty, GIF! [DorseyShawExperience]

Happy holidays, from Grumpy Cat. [afternoonsnoozebutton]

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