Morning Funnies: Chloe Sevigny's 12 Days of Christmas

Here's Drew Droege performing the 12 Days of Christmas as Chloe Sevigny. Though it sounds like Chloe's getting some great stuff this year -- Barbados, creamed skeleton, a crisp slap -- toe-ahsst is noticeably lacking from the whole thing. Does her true love know her at all? [Towleroad]

Start your day with this delightful clip of Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, Mariah Carey and some adorable children performing "All I Want For Christmas Is You." [ONTD]

This absolutely terrifying 2013 dental supply calendar features dental mannequins in fun and festive seasonal settings as they plot to follow you home, cut your phone line, silently crawl through your window and chomp your face off. [Gawker]

Pizzavational poster. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

New holiday jam alert! [HumorTrain]

Who says municipal garbage collection can't be sporty and fashionable? [Coinfarts]

Well of course Burger King has a mom! Don't be silly. [OldPeopleFacebook]

Your holiday family portrait look? [ImWithKanye]

Where to begin with what's awesome about this photo of Eddie Murphy, Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby, and Richard Pryor hanging out. Oh, we know: SIDNEY POITIER'S GHOST DAD T-SHIRT. That is where to begin. [100yearsoflolitude]

Justin Timberlake's pageant days, GIFafied. [BuzzfeedRewind]

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