Morning Funnies: Back From Break Edition

Happy New Year, Morning Funnies is baaaaaaack! [LaughterKey]

2012 kind of sucked but, woo, 2013 will be great! Let's go get 'em! [Mlkshk]

Happy Boo year! Mama June went blonde, which means everything is gonna be OK. [TallWhitney]

Kanye, Kim and ketus on New Year's Eve in 1Oak's Family Fun Zone Room. They give your kids $100 bills to color on, it's adorable. [ONTD]

So much nervous laughter. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

Please, please let this be Photoshopped. Please. [Reddit]

P.S. I'm going to open a gym called Sundays that's only open on Sundays. But it's not really a gym, it's a sundae bar staffed by elderly, overweight dogs who think you work too hard and are concerned about you. Who wants to join? [TastefullyOffensive]

So help me God, if this photo isn't on the invite for Paper's annual belated holiday party... [Pizzzatime]

Someone once told me that tea "is like drinking colored dirt water." I pity that fool, and so do these Mr. T tea bags. [LaughingSquid]

The best pronunciation of "banana" ever. [DailyWhat]
Ta-Da! [RatsOff]

I heard "Jingle Bell Rock" at the grocery store last night, so I can still post this today. [TheRumblr]

This too. [TheRumblr]

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