More Homicidal Hair: The Wig!

More homicidal hair is to be found in the DVD release of The Wig, a South Korean chiller about a woman who buys her cancer-stricken sister a wig, which is unfortunately haunted as hell. (Originally this was titled Scary Hair, which is hilarious). But what is it with J-Horror and it’s fear of girls with long black tresses?

Directed by Won Sin-Yeon, who calls it, "a rather sad horror film [about] hair that remembers the past," the film looks sensational -- great art direction and carefully constructed mood. Unfortunately it’s a painfully familiar story. But, there are some genuinely creepy moments -- one where the terminally ill woman scratches her bald head bloody. The big mystery revealed in the third act pleasantly surprised me by it’s kinky nature. It’s not half as good as Hair Extensions (Exte), but on a bad hair day and a few dozen drinks under your belt it will do just fine. Great DVD cover art too!

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