MoMA's Next Design Destination? Brazil

Meagan Brant

Oi! I'm on to you Brazil. Alexandre Herchcovitch, Os Mutantes, Gisele Bündchen (and Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio and the rest of Victoria Secret's spokesmodels), the Gilberto family, Ernesto Neto, Pelé, Mônica... The country is like a breeding ground for the successful and talented creative kind. And with the help of MoMA's Design: Destination series, Brazil can show off their innovative and eco-friendly artisans stateside. Available online ( as of yesterday, MoMA has given us normal folk the chance to indulge in 75 "lifestyle" products typically exclusive to Brazil. Each featured item in the Destination: Brazil collection puts both the vibrancy of Brazilian culture and its natural resources to use. I'm lusting after Cacá Alvarez's handmade vase ($135) that's permanently "full of flowers," as suggested by the plastic flowers suspended within the walls of the vase, and Humberto and Fernando Campana's handmade steel wire Corallo chair ($8,910), intent to be mistaken as a sculpture. Both have just enough Carnaval qualities to keep me going until next year's Ash Wednesday. To see the complete collection, click here to start gawking, or head over to a MoMA Store on May 14th.

The Destination: Brazil collection will be availble until June 30th

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