Mode Creation Munich Is Back

Zandile Blay

So, remember Mode Creation Munich, aka MCM? The brand, which launched in 1976, became so popular by the '80s that you couldn't walk a city block without multiple sightings of MCM splattered bags, sneakers, hats, and jackets. Like many an '80s-era label, the hype and over-saturation got the better of the German company and they rapidly became, as Jennifer Aniston would say, "uncool." Fast forward to 2008, where under a brand new CEO, Sung-Joo Kim, MCM is poised reclaim its cool all over again. Kim has a serious track record of launching luxury brands in the Asian market including Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Sonia Rykiel. Under her aegis, MCM has relaunched in Germany, Greece and now New York. Her corporate savvy is matched by the design talent of Michael Michalsky, former creative director at adidas, who has been tapped for the same role at MCM. This season, he's debuted a collection full of the classic, iconic MCM logo'd leather, but he's also presented shoppers with fresh options like sorbet-colored totes and decadent croc-skin clutches. So far, the collection has been a hit with fashion-glitterati who showed up in droves last week for the launch of MCM's first U.S. flagship store. Guests included our own Beverly Smith, Fabiola Beracasa, Genevieve Jones and Brooke Shields. So will the combination of Kim's business acumen and Michalsky's creative genius mean MCM is here to stay? If last week was any indicator, the answer is yes.

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