Mmmmm... The Men of Mumbai: Cute Waiter at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Isn't life great? Yes there is war in Iraq, women and gays are oppressed around the globe and the dollar is so weak Mr. Mickey can't afford to stay in the top hotels when he flies to Europe, but still, there is beauty wherever we go. And this week we go to Mumbai. You all already know that MM is a vegetarian and India is veggie paradise. You also know that MM is very devoted to the men of the Indian subcontinent. Who'd have thought they'd go and build heaven just a 14 hour flight from JFK? Let's start our Guide to the Men of Mumbai with this cute waiter from the Taj Mahal Hotel. IMG, who put together Fashion Week here, (and in NYC, Berlin and on and on) had a super glamorous party in the ballroom the Taj Mahal and this kid was too sweet!!!

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