Miranda July Wants You to Have a Threeway with Her New Messaging App

by Gabby Bess

Have something important to tell a loved one? Instead of saying it yourself, download Somebody -- a messaging service app by the queen of magical thinking, Miranda July.

In world where actually talking is the least desirable option, Somebody is a relief and a reflection on the way we communicate. "I see this as far-reaching public art project, inciting performance and conversation about the value of inefficiency and risk," says July in a press release.

The app allows you to mediate bad (or good!) news through an unrelated third party near your location. Somebody, July's short film that accompanies the app, shows what happens when avoidance is taken to the extreme: a marriage proposal by way of a random restaurant server and an emotional breakup delivered by a bystander in a park.

Watch the video, above, and download the app to start outsourcing all of your problems to the nearest stranger as soon as possible.

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