Miike Snow's Jean Noel Trilogy

Miike Snow's Vern Moen-directed video for "Pretender" picks up the storyline that started in "Paddling Out," where a group of creepy Victorian kids abducted an average joe and, aboard a house-shaped spaceship, transformed him into the shirtless, big-nosed, leather-panted, Prince Valiant-banged dance machine Jean Noel. In "The Wave," an army of Jean Noels converge at a playground where police are burying dead children. "Pretender," which premiered in late September, extends the narrative once more, with Jean Noel sneaking onstage at the Los Angeles HARD Festival, where he pulls an awe-inspiring mid-air split.

Miike Snow's Andrew Wyatt and Pontus Winnberg DJ Jeffrey Deitch's invite-only Art Basel Miami Beach party tonight at the Raleigh.

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