Miike Snow Briings The Dance Party to Music Hall of Williamsburg

Nell Alk

Miike Snow's Friday night show at Music Hall of Williamsburg was an out-and-out dance party. From a birds-eye-view upstairs, my date and I watched as the sea of Snow devotees jumped up and down, fists in the air, paying homage to Andrew Wyatt and the producing team of Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg -- also known as Bloodshy and Avant. The trio were joined onstage by Nisse Tornquist on drums, Petter Winnberg (brother of Pontus) on bass and Mattias Franzen on keyboards. Bright white lights roamed the room and smoke crept on to the stage, surrounding Wyatt, giving him a mystical full-body halo.

Wyatt's presence on stage was similarly superhuman, as he effortlessly switched off from guitar to piano and back again. A xylophone, which added a considerable amount of texture for such a simple and modest instrument, was also implemented. Karlsson and Winnberg manned the synth side of things, augmenting music with lightening speed, fingers flying across keys, buttons, knobs. They bobbed their heads to the tempo, their arms distinguishable due to their tattoos. All stagemates harmonized and it was magic to hear it all come together flawlessly. And, oh, how the people sang. "Silvia" and "Animal" inspired the most significant sing-a-longs. To be Silvia. Sigh.

The evening ended with an encore, "In Search Of," which was stellar live. Delectable in all ways, Wyatt's voice mesmerized as undulating synth vibes entranced ears from the front of the room to the back. Next to me a slender and seemingly intoxicated middle-aged woman held the balcony railing and put on a show of her own, contorting her body and head-banging like a real rocker. She looked mildly ridiculous, but nobody in the room gave her a second look.

All in all, catch them if you can. They're in the States through April 18th (Coachella), then back overseas towards the end of May. Not all U.S. shows are sold out, so, if you're near, oh, I dunno, Denver, be sure to see this fabulous band. I tried like hell to finagle my way into either or both of the other two NYC shows. To no avail.

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