Watch Michete's Wild New "Come Get It, Daddy" Video

Safy-Hallan Farah

Spokane, Washington isn't known for much besides Hoopfest, Rachel Dolezal and meth, but 24-year-old genderqueer rapper Michete is putting it on the map. Michete's latest release is a racy, barbie doll-assisted video for the Reverend Dollars-produced "Come Get It, Daddy."

"Come Get It, Daddy," from Michete's Cool Tricks 2 mixtape, is an eviscerating spoken word piece over booming house beats, a hilarious send-up of the fragility of masculinity. "Everybody needs to chill out when it comes to sexual/gender identities," Michete tells PAPER. "People, straight men in particular, need to stop adhering to whatever standard they think they need to and be fluid like basically all women are. I want straight men to know it's okay that they want to bang me!"

In the video, clothed and naked barbies make-out and engage in lewd acts, and Michete herself poses topless and unbothered. This is all juxtaposed beside footage shot in dark nightclubs, and a puppet in a kitty t-shirt that looks like a bootleg Sesame Street character.

Watch the clip above.

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