Michelle Obama Photobombing the Miami Heat = Amazing

by Elizabeth Thompson

Aaaaand here's Michelle Obama photobombing Ray Allen and Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat with the help of LeBron James and generally being the best. Dwayne Wade's reaction is everything. [DailyDot]

Priorities. [Reddit]

Alison is a good friend. [TastefullyOffensive]

Here's a video of female capuchin monkeys in Brazil throwing rocks at boy monkeys they want to do it with. Can relate. [TastefullyOffensive]

Paper book club? [Mlkshk]

Free desktop background. [Coinfarts]

The men of Full House are now doing yogurt commercials, which isn't even the depressing part -- the depressing part is that you are now old enough to be in the serious yogurt consumer ad demographic. Keep those bones strong with A.M. calcium chews and do hip stretches while watching your "programs" nightly, aging millennials. [PopCultureBrain]


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