Michael Shannon Really Went There...

As we said in the September issue of Paper -- Michael Shannon could never be accused of playing the "boring" guy on stage or screen. Or even the "normal" guy, at that. We'd say his roles usually fall within "crazy terrifying guy" and "tortured drifter" on the creepy spectrum. But now it seems he's taken his creepy to the streets, forgoing modern-day wig technology and opting to shave his hairline back for his current Broadway role in Grace. Shane plays a man whose whose face is mamed in a car accident in Craig Wright's new play, which opened last night at the Cort Theater. And, to use a favorite Paper phrase of ours, he really went there. We call this look 'Avant Party Frankenstein.' Here are some photos of him working his new 'do and some on-trend prints at the opening night party with his co-stars Ed Asner, Paul Rudd and his partner Kate Arrington. (Is it just us, or does she even look a little weirded out?) Still -- assuming we're in the trust tree, here -- we have to admit that if given the choice between a squeaky-clean, Ryan Reynolds-Ken-doll-type and Shannon, we'd take Shannon, bonkers hair and all. Go see Grace! Fun fact: Rick Santorum was in the audience the night we went. No joke. Guess Spider-Man was sold out.

Opening night photographs courtesy of Playbill.com.

And as a pallet cleanser before you move onto your next blog post...Here's a softer Shannon posing with his kitty in our September issue. Aww.

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