Welcome to the Musto List of who's ruling the celebrity world this week, leaving everyone else to fire their manager and try for less obvious filler injections. Ranked starting at the bottom...

Honorable mention: Alec Baldwin. Dear Alec: By getting belligerent with an officer who stopped you for a traffic violation on your bike and asked for ID, you add to your twisted legend of tantrum throwing and make it less likely that IDs will be needed in the future. We know who you are again!

8: Solange Knowles. Violence is never pretty, and the video that recently surfaced of Beyonce's sis kicking and hitting Jay Z in a hotel elevator made us wonder if the lady is "crazy right now." But still, it made her more famous than Beyoncé for a New York minute, which might be why the superstar just stood there, looking flummoxed.

7: Michael Sam. I have no idea who any sports people are, but this guy nabbed major attention when he kissed his boyfriend for all the world to see. What's more, he still has a job. No "tight end" jokes here, just the realization that I have to watch ESPN more often.

6: Lea Michele. The animated film Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return is flopping big time, which proves that Lea should stay away from Judy Garland material at all cost. But now there's talk that Glee honcho Ryan Murphy will help her raid Barbra Streisand's career vault and star her in a production of Funny Girl. Again, this is something that's so wrong that it's wrong, but just the fact that Lea could con this off the ground means the lady has some serious star power.

5: Matt Bomer. Matt is way more than a pretty face, but he hasn't been able to prove that until now. A bit part in the male stripping decathlon Magic Mike didn't really enhance his dramatic stature, even if you watched the DVD extras. But now he pops up in HBO's prestige drama The Normal Heart (airing May 25), and it's turning out to be everything a gay pretty boy looking for credibility should be involved in. Interestingly, it's directed by Ryan Murphy, who just won a lot of points!

4: Britney Spears. The ex pop tart hasn't been the brunt of scandal headlines in ages, but I'm putting her on this list anyway. After all, she's taken up residency in Las Vegas (well, where did you think she'd wind up, Oxford?), which makes so much sense I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they turn her into a casino.

3: Audra McDonald. The singer/actress has five Tony awards, tied with greats Julie Harris and Angela Lansbury. She's expected to win her sixth one on June 8th for her stunning Billie Holiday in Lady Day at the Emerson Bar and Grill. And she had to keep a straight face while singing an inspirational song to Carrie Underwood in TV's The Sound of Music. Start the Emmy awards coming too.

2: Bianca Del Rio. About six months ago, word started floating around that the top three finalists would be Bianca, Courtney Act, and Adore Delano. (I'm talking about this season of RuPaul's Drag Race, for those who are hopelessly out of it. Please! Catch up!) Sure enough, that turned out to be exactly the case. Also as expected, Bianca will surely cop the $100,000 prize as she takes that big sissy walk down the runway. She's wicked, witty, and warm all at once. I've always considered it a great honor whenever she rips me a new one.

1: ZAC EFRON. When you're impossibly good looking like Zac Efron, the whole world loves you. When you do stinky movies like New Year's Day and provide a voice for The Lorax, the world says, "Who cares? He's still really, really cute." But when you have a big, juicy hit like Neighbors -- which destroyed Spider-Man at the box office last weekend -- people suddenly go, "Wow! This is someone we deeply care about! Move over, Mother Teresa." Add Zac's newfound sobriety, plus the fact that he's shirtless in virtually everything he does (except The Lorax), and we've got a winner.

Photos by Patrick McMullan.

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