Michael Caine Chills Out

Most people know Michael Caine as one of our finest actors, who's managed to maintain dignity and credibility in an industry where those are rare commodities. But did you know that he's also an expert on "chill out" music. Niether did I until I read about an upcoming CD compilation he's putting together. The idea came about following an evening Caine spent with Elton John who was so impressed with Caine's knowledge that he urged him to go ahead with the record. To be called Cained, the 72 year-old actor's collection of mellow tracks to be released in Sept. will include Chicane's "No Ordinary Morning" and Nina Simone and Felix Da Housecat's "Sinnerman."

Says Caine: "I've loved this type of music for years, and have hundreds of CDs. I've been buying them for about 15 years, and really know my way around. About ten years ago I started making my own compilations. I've always been interested in music, and over the years have made literally thousands of tapes. And with chill-out I suppose I finally found my forte."

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