Mia Moretti Does Sundance: Day II

Mia Moretti
Photographs by Diggy Lloyd
Mia Moretti, the hottest thing to hit the DJ booth since sliced bread, and her co-DJ in crime Caitlin Moe, recently headed to the Sundance Film Festival where they manned the ones and twos at a slew of parties. Here's her second report from Park City. Moretti's pal, photographer Diggy Llyod, captured the madness.

I'm starting to get used to the snow. I can't move my neck because I think I got whiplash snowboarding. Caitlin and I played a bunch of parties. We ran into our West Coast crew and our New York crew. I got to play some of the new (old) 45s I just got in Paris. Diplo made everyone wet their pants at Harry O's. I didn't. I held it in and peed in the parking lot and nightclub Tao. We saw Cee-Lo, who was with the coolest looking lady ever. Diggy got a shot of her jacket that we were all swooning over. I met Shwayze's grandma, and she invited me to stay at her house in Malibu next time I'm in town. We made a late night visit to see the 'King. All in all were holding up pretty good.

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