Meet Your New Favorite Swimsuit Brand: Shadowplaynyc

by Maggie Dolan
Now that Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic is commercializing space travel with plans to launch Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber into the stratosphere, the universe has never been hotter. Just ask Parsons graduates Ali Bennaim and Ximena Chouza, the designers behind Brooklyn-based label Shadowplaynyc. Infatuated with outer space (their website's contact section is labeled "Mission Control"), the duo creates swimsuits digitally printed with real images of nature and the galaxy captured by NASA's Hubble Telescope and the Mars rover Curiosity. "We've always been in love with these photos," says Bennaim. "Our line is basically the merging of our fashion backgrounds with the inspiring beauty of the images." But would they make the journey to outer space if Mr. Branson came calling? "Ximena would and I would love to," says Bennaim, "but I think I would be too scared!"

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