Meet Spooky Black, He's Kinda Like a Cross Between Yung Lean and King Krule

by Justin Moran

Like a hungover version of Swedish rapper Yung Lean who's desperately coping with a painful breakup, Minnesota crooner Spooky Black is very Internet (because that's become an adjective, now) -- but just a lot more gloomy. And while Lean rocks bucket hats like every other trendy hip-hopper, Black opts for durags like in his debut video, "Without You." 

After releasing his much-hyped eight-song EP Leaving earlier this week, the super young (and super mysterious) singer has followed it up with a music video for closing bonus track, "DJ Khaled is my Father." The lo-fi, VHS-style visuals capture the melancholy singer in the middle of a forest -- very Minnesota -- singing with a style that reminds us of a cross between King Krule and early Bon Iver. Check out the video above.

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