Meet Cursing, Art-World-Hating Russian Street Artist Valery Chtak

Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin

It's for Papermag again and this time we nailed down the Russian up-and-coming, street-artist-meets-conceptual artist Valery Chtak for his first show in the western world at London's Orel Art UK.

Holding a Red Bull in one hand and a Coke in the other, Chtak passionately proclaims (with several uses of the F word) his views on Russian politics, how messed up the art world is and how his mother, a janitor, would have to work for one year to earn the amount he makes from one painting.

Presenting the counterbalance is the man who discovered him, Herve Mikaeloff.  Mikaeloff is a renowned French curator who is responsible for putting together Bernard Arnault's personal art collection and has also worked on several projects for LVMH including the curation of the Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton in Paris and the latest Louis Vuitton store opening in London.

Be careful. If you are a Marxist, or think the art world is the playground of Gods, then avert your eyes -- you might consider this video sacrilege.

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