Me at the 1994 Launch of in My Banshee Girl Earrings!

Wanna have a good laugh??? Well I sure had one this weekend when David Hershkovits sent me this YouTube he found of me talking to Brandywine and Jayne County from the PAPERMAG launch on the "world wide web" 14 years ago at Irving Plaza. Oh my God, what a time warp. Back then only geeks went on the internet and none of the downtown dragoons or fashion kids knew how to go online. Remember, this was a time when only the super geeks had modems ( and dial ups to boot)! Netscape was just launched and PAPERMAG was born. It was quite a party. Check out my sick Banshee earrings. I forgot I had these and dug them out of my drawer after seeing myself in them. They are fierce, as they say.

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