MC Luscious' "Boom I got Your Boyfriend" Is Just What Friday Called For

by Gary Pini

How about more Miami bass music to start the weekend? This week's oldie, "BOOM! I Got Your Boyfriend," became a hit almost overnight back in 1991, but it took an unusual path. The track was created by two students in Ft. Lauderdale, Steve Tempo and Danny D, who met while studying record production and engineering. They formed a group called The Boys From the Bottom, got a record deal and recorded a song called "BOOM! I Got Your Girlfriend." At the time, "comeback" records were popular, so they convinced Steve's cousin Rosalyn McCall -- aka M.C. Luscious -- to do a new version, but this time from the female perspective. Sure enough, boom, a big hit! "I got your man. I got him."

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