Matthew Broderick's Ferris Bueller Ad + Starbucks Now Selling Booze = Eight Items or Less

Gary Pini

1. Matthew Broderick reprises Ferris Bueller for a Super Bowl XLVI commercial. We're not sure what he's selling, but we're excited! Chik-chikahchikah. [Moviefone] Meanwhile, Billboard magazine promises there will be brostep music played when NBC cuts to commercials.

2. Ridgewood, Queens, is the new Williamsburg! 
The Wall Street Journal investigates the flock of young artists and new galleries moving there "looking for large studios and affordable rents."

3. There's a new art fair coming to Miami for those who just can't wait for the next edition of Basel. The inaugural edition of "Art Wynwood" is set for February 17th to 20th with a big VIP opening on the 16th. It's happening in the same gigantic Midtown Miami tent that housed last year's Art Miami and already over 50 galleries are signed on. Real estate developer Tony Goldman, one of the people responsible for the "preservation" of NYC's SoHo and Miami's South Beach, plans to exhibit the "flying murals of Wynwood" in the fair's VIP lounge.

4. Thirty-five pounds of cocaine were delivered to the United Nations in New York last week. Party! [Bloomberg]

5. Starbucks will start selling beer and wine at select locations in Southern California, Atlanta and Chicago before the end of 2012. [L.A. Times]

6. World's
first atomic X-ray laser created. [TG Daily]

7. Crazy voyeuristic
artwork on the Highline. [LaughingSquid]

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