Matt & Kim Talk Shopping Addictions, Valentine's Day and Lattes at the Alice + Olivia Show

PAPERMAG caught up with one of our favorite bands/couples, Matt & Kim, at the Alice + Olivia presentation last night and picked their brain about all things fashion, Brooklyn shopping and V-Day. 

Of the two of you, who is the more fashionable or fashion-oriented?
Matt: Kim.  I think she could say that.
Kim: I think I'm more fashionable but you're [Matt] more picky when it comes to fashion.
Matt: Does that make sense?

How are you picky?
Kim: When we go shopping, I'm like in and out.  When Matt goes shopping, I sit in a chair for probably about an hour waiting for him to pick through stuff and then he's like the buyer where he'll buy something and be like, "yeah, I want this" and then by the time we get to the register, he's like "yeahhh, I'm not gonna get this."
Matt: I second think everything I ever buy ever.  I'll buy something for $20 and I'll be like "Ahh, do I need to get that?"  And we just bought a house so of course everyday I'm like, "Oh my god, this is the worst idea of my life" and then I'm like, "Oh no, I'm so psyched for this place!" and then I'm like "Ahhh this is a terrible idea!"

What are your favorite Brooklyn stores?
Kim: Are you talking clothing stores or are you talking like "I gotta get my coffee hook-up on."

Kim: Okay -- and I'm addicted to this shit, it is intense -- Gimme! Coffee.  Have you gone there?  Promise me tomorrow you'll go to Gimme! coffee.  Get a latte.  Seriously.  Supposedly it's not even about the coffee, it's because of the milk they use.
Matt: We'll be going there -- and I'm not a coffee drinker -- but Kim will be slapping her arm like it's a heroin fix.  Like she needs it, she thinks about it when she doesn't have it.
Kim: But for clothing -- the thing is, we're not home often -- so where I do my shopping is Gilt Groupe.  But it's so bad [my shopping] to the point that I buy so much stuff and don't remember what I bought and then I try to sneak the boxes into the house without Matt seeing because I really have a problem. I'm not allowed to buy any clothes this month.
Matt: She's decided.  It's not like I didn't allow her.
Kim: When you don't remember what you bought, you don't need it.

Any big Valentine's Day plans?
Kim: We don't do Valentine's Day.
Matt: Yeah, Valentine's Day -- in our history -- people used to try to book us on Valentine's Day as a band 'cause we're a couple blah blah blah but it's always a total disaster.

Matt: Do you remember one particular year when JetBlue really fucked up and a whole bunch of planes got stuck on the runway for 11 hours?  And they put in that whole Customer Bill of Rights and all that.  That was on Valentine's Day and we were going to play a show and we were on one of those planes.  And the year before was like the worst show ever.  Either way, we go off the grid.

Photo by Adriel Reboh/

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