Matt and Kim and Sidewalks

John Ortved
The goods: Sidewalks, the third hyperactively catchy album from Brooklyn dance-pop duo Matt and Kim.

The inspiration
: "New York, it's so funny because as kids you can only go down to the sidewalk," says singer Matt Johnson. "I grew up in Vermont, in the middle of cow pastures -- my parents would just let me and my brother run free. There's a line in our song 'Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare' that goes, 'Sidewalks are unassuming fields.' That's where the name for the album
came from."

The name game: "We initially wanted to call the album Deluxe, but the distributor told us that it was the most confusing thing we could possibly name it because we have a self-titled album already and to have an album called Deluxe is going to seem like a deluxe edition of the first album."

The process: "We recorded it over a few months in Atlanta, and it was one of the only times in my life when I've gained weight. I have my dad's genes, which are the stringbean genes, and all we did was walk out the door, walk to the car, drive to the recording studio, eat three meals a day, walk back to the car, and go back home. "

The result: "We recorded our previous albums in my bedroom. This time we worked with a producer, which allowed us to spend more time on writing music and less time worrying about how to record, you know, a piano. It was nine months of trying out songs to make sure they were the best things we could make."

Sidewalks is out now on FADER.  

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