Mary Ellen Johnson's Hyper-Realistic Food Paintings Are Making Us Drool

Hazel Cills
Get ready to feel very, very hungry. Mary Ellen Johnson has mastered the art of painting food with such intense hyper-realism that she has our mouths watering just looking at them. From glistening sticky buns to pristine-looking banana splits, Johnson's paintings look exactly like photographs. You can see her work in person at her solo show at OK Harris Works of Art in SoHo now through January 19. In the meantime, can someone please send some treats drizzled in maple and chocolate syrup to the Paper offices, like, immediately? Thanks.

PB&J; 1/2, 2012

Big Smores, 2010

Big Waffles, 2010

Big Chocolate Eclair, 2012

Big Banana Split, 2011

Top: Sticky Bun, 2011

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